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You probably heard about Limidax from a family member, a friend, or stumbled on the website online. You're really into Limidax and what it can do for you. But, you are wondering if this product really works and, even if it does, are there even better products out there?

You probably headed over to Google, Bing, or another search engine, and typed in a variation of "Limidax reviews." This is pretty normal for how anyone would search for reviews of a product. Well, we have put this page together to help provide guidance and hopefully assist you as you make your decision about whether to try Limidax for yourself.

The facts behind Limidax reviews.

Limidax is the highest rated natural focus supplement in the United States when you look at verified customer reviews and the number of reviews (comparison conducted by looking at companies in Google Syndicated Reviews, Shopper Approved). Limidax has an independent, 3rd party website (Shopper Approved) that receives reviews for Limidax. We are not able to delete reviews just because we don't like what is said. A lot of companies just take in reviews on their personal websites, and then just showcase the positive. We don't do that.

In addition, Limidax is backed by several satisfaction guarantees, and not just from ourselves. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our policies, PayPal's policies, and the Norton Shopping Guarantee.

Why does Limidax stand so far out of its competitors when it comes to customer reviews?

Limidax was initially formulated for a select handful of family and friends of the inventor, before thoughts of larger-scale commercialization. Of course, since that time, Limidax has evolved, become much more popular, and received increasing praise. Limidax has done so well simply because the people who back Limidax have continued to treat every customer as a family friend first-and-foremost. Complete with a no-questions asked refund if you are not satisfied with Limidax.

Checkout what real people who have tried Limidax are saying on Social Media

There are many happy customers that post regarding Limidax on social media. We can't post all of them here, but we have gone ahead and included some images of posts shared online:

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There's way too many social media shares to include them all here! As a general note: We sometimes give out free samples periodically for honest, unbiased feedback from influencers and bloggers. This is done, in major part, to gather industry feedback. We do not provide monetary compensation for positive reviews in a tic-for-tac manner, ever. We also give out free samples from time to time when it comes to research and development purposes.

What 'reviews' should I watch out for? What do Fake or Misleading Limidax reviews look like?

In the very, very few sites that do not rank Limidax well, you will probably notice that whichever person is running that site will be pushing you very hard towards select products that you might have never heard about, and might also be from companies that are not based in the United States. If any part of that is the case, you are most likely on a heavily-influenced affiliate site that has ranked products simply and purely on the basis of whichever company has offered them the most money.

Another red flag that should be raised in your mind is if these websites that are "reviewing" products are also pushing you towards taking advantage of "huge discounts" if you buy more than one bottle at a time. This is a general tactic used to maximize profits for the website owner / "reviewer" and the company that is selling the product, because everyone involved knows that you will not be purchasing that product again.

There are certain "negative reviews" of Limidax that contain misleading statements and sometimes simply wrong comments regarding the Limidax product, that then push you on a seperate product. You will notice that these are also reviews in which the reviewer has not even tried Limidax themselves. We cannot delve into each one because they are constantly changing and it is tiresome to point out every statement that is misleading or plain untruthful. But, let's take a look at one sad and unfortunate example below:

For our example, let's look at this one review from a Nootropics review site. Even though we share research studies regarding all of our ingredients, the reviewer of the site has gone out of their way to present a negative image of Limidax.


At first glance, this looks like an actual thoughtful review. However, this site is actually run with the purpose of generating cash from reviews:


There are many, many items wrong with this review in particular, but it is not worth the time for our staff and scientists to respond to this critique. If you have questions, do reach out though to us. If there is a question that is popular that is not in our FAQ's, we will update this article with the question and answer. For our purposes, let's push forward ...

Notice at the end of that page, how the "reviewer" pushes you to a seperate page with his unique insights into brain supplements. This is actually done at the end of pretty much every single page of the website:


Now, that product that he has ranked #1 on his site, and claims is the best product out there in the market... well it's not even produced in the United States. It's actually produced in the UK, which has much, much different regulations and oversight. And recent studies have found that UK supplement companies are using cheap diluted and adulterated ingredients in their products. In particular, the ingredient Rhodiola rosea, the same ingredient which is found in that same "top product" that this "reviewer" is pushing on his readers.

Of course, that is not even the only issue. You will also notice several times that the "reviewer"' pushes you to really stock up. You will see that he wants you to buy basically half a year's supply of his recommended product, before you've even tried the product, at the "super low price" of $50 per bottle, what a deal (sarcasm)!


And surprise, suprise, both the company and the reviewer mention that you won't see immediete results for months! As a side note, with Limidax, a large majority of customers see results immedietely, on day 1. This is because our forumula is so effective, because it uses the right ingredients, at the right dose, created in a regulated, cGMP certified lab within the United States.

Of course the issues continue. Reading through this "reviewer's" recommended company's return and company policies, you would find a host of issues. Not the least of which is that they ship "worldwide," but you'd have to ship back the product from whatever country you are in, to the UK, on your own funds. International shipping is extremely costly and time-intensive. And you don't even know if you'll get your refund at the end. But, we will stop here. Hopefully you get the idea...

Trust Independent, Third Party Verified Reviews more than Anything Else

It is an unfortunate reality that con-artists do exist. As with any product that you choose to try, you should try your best to find real, third-party verified customer reviews. Reviews from people who have actually tried the product, and hopefully on indepedent 3rd party sites. Oftentimes, one person who gives a review claiming that they personally know more about ingredients and supplements than medical doctors, nutritionalists, and/or scientists have different motivations driving their recommendations than your optimal well-being.

Please read some of the reviews left by real customers on Shopper Approved, a 3rd party review platform, regarding Limidax:

Contact us if you have any concerns, we're always here to help.

Please note that this article is a living document. Changes could be made at any time. This article was last updated on November 27, 2017.